Sunday 19 September 2010

forestay and sprits'le yard rigging.

using notes, drawings and fotos made up new fore stay. left tensioning purchase slack and plenty of spare at the top end. seized bottom end to bowsprit then fed top end up through slot in fore top, round mast then back down through other top slot and finished off with another seizing. finally tensioned with purchase and tied off same.
made new fore topmast stay and purchase. fixed standing part to end of sprit and a lead block further aft. rove thread through stay block and lead block and secured hauling part on fo'c'sle rail.

secured standing part of yard braces to top of fore stay with a clove hitch. made up two outrigger blocks and fixed to yard ends, then wired two lead blocks to fore stay, just above purchase.
rove brace threads through outrigger blocks to lead blocks and made fast on fo'c'sle rail.
yard is pinned to sprit but fixed parrel ropes to yard/sprit.
made up two blocks with tails and secured inboard on outrigger eyes, for topping lift blocks. made up eyes to topping lift threads and secured to end of sprit then rove thread through topping lift blocks to two lead blocks at bottom end of fore stay and secured on fo'c'sle rail.
hours 102.

Thursday 8 April 2010

The radio gear.

I got my transmitter back from graupner yesterday. Apparently the programming switches had been damaged by condensation caused by keeping it in the garage. Seems a bit wierd cos my garage is insulated and heated. Maybe other half has run the tumble drier with vent hose off.
Also received a 4.8V, 2200mA/hr NiMH flatpack receiver battery to power the bow thruster motor. The wires fitted are too thin to carry 4Amps so I opened it up and soldered 5A wires to the terminals and left the original wires in place for charging. Made up some futaba plugs and connected power pack to thruster circuit.
Programmed transmitter (graupner MC-12) for model no. 2- azi and model type AC which keeps all channels totally separate with no mixing. Switched everything on and set up channels 2 and 4 as stbd and port rudders respectively. Adjusted trim electronically for midships helm and adjusted limits also on the computer. Reversed servo directions an steering is sorted. Next I programmed the esc.s for stop and full power. So all ready for the lake on Sunday.
Every one up there keeps telling me about the aziz that sank cos the main hatch leaked so I have carefully sealed the edges with silcone. Trouble is that the hatch warped when the wooden sheathing was fitted. I stiffened hatch underneath with mahogany strips but can't do it properly due to the main hull crossbeam getting in the way so it still bends in the middle. To cure this I fitted a plastic clip under the hatch in way of said beam and similar to the aft clip. This holds the center down but causes the ford end to stick up and break the seal. All I could think of doing was fitting a screw through the ford end into the ford crossbeam. This seems to have done the trick. Have ordered two model 20' containers which I will glue to the hatch which should stiffen it in the center.
Very much looking forward to her maiden voyage Sunday on Llyn Padarn. Hopefully someone will have a decent video camera and will put it on YouTube for me.

Saturday 20 March 2010

float test.

next job new bathroom. gonna need bigger bath for next model!!!!
also decided boat needs a launching trolley as at 35.5 Kg its too heavy for me to lower from slipway into llyn padarn.
a great big round of applause please to Model Slipway in yorkshire for a great model at a very reasonable price. I have enjoyed every minute making.
next post will be video on the lake on youtube. will let you all know when.